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The death of a loved one is not something that anyone wants to deal with or is overly prepared for. 也就是说, 我们最终都会死, and getting your estate planned and 准备好了 for the future before you pass is a great way to take some of the burdens off your loved ones.

Estate planning is a way for you to retain some control over the estate that you spent your life building, and it also helps with the easy dispersion of your estate and settling of your estate after you pass.


Estate planning is the process by which the person who owns or generates the estate plans what will happen to it after they pass. This can be a will, naming beneficiaries, setting up 信托基金, and more.

This helps to keep your estate out of 遗嘱认证 and helps ensure that if you have something special that you want a particular person to have, 他们可以在你死后得到它.

Estate planning can pertain to money, assets, homes, property, and even pets or animals. This is a crucial part of anyone’s life as it helps to ensure that when they pass, their estate will not be held up for six months as it goes through the 遗嘱认证 office.

It also helps with keeping families from fighting over the estate since each asset is going to be named and directed to one person or another. This planning process can help you with your end-of-life wishes as well.

Say you have a debilitating illness that requires you to have a 授权书 toward the end of your life. You can name your 授权书 in your estate plan and your will. You can also plan your funeral and pay for it or state that it will be paid for out of your estate.

Estate planning is a great way to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your family does not have to struggle with what to do after you pass.


If you have ever dealt with the estate of a loved one after they passed who did not have a plan or a will in place, 你知道遗产规划有多重要. Estate planning takes all the guesswork out of your death and what you want to happen to your things after you pass.

Each state has a 遗嘱认证 law or a 遗嘱认证 period in which an estate without a will must sit. 对大多数州来说,这是六个月. 这段时间给债权人, people that feel they are entitled to some of the estates, and anyone else concerned time to be notified of the death and to come forward to make their claim.

This period can be very difficult for families because they are likely going to have to keep paying for things like:

  • The electricity bill for the home to keep the water from freezing.
  • 如果有存储单元,则收取仓储费
  • 抵押贷款(如适用).

They can also take something from the home or bank accounts once the 遗嘱认证 period is over. Not only does this put a financial strain on the family that is left behind, 但这也是一种情感压力.

Even if your grandma told you she wanted you to have her antique furniture before she passed, you could not take it until the 遗嘱认证 period is over and the estate is settled.

Estate planning allows you to retain as much control over the things you accumulated during your life and the estate you worked so hard to build.

Passing without an estate plan in place or a will in place makes it more difficult for the family you have left behind, and it makes it hard for those individuals to move on with their lives as they wait to settle your estate.

虽然你可能已经不在了,和 遗产规划, 你可以让别人知道你的愿望, 让你的愿望具有法律约束力, and help expedite the healing process for your family after your death.

Estate planning also helps keep families from fighting over your estate after you pass, as your wishes will be provided in a legally binding document that they must follow for the estate to be divided.

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First and foremost, and perhaps most often, an 房地产律师 can help you draft and file your will. 他们可以帮助你学习以下几个方面:

  • 你能给人们留下什么?
  • 你如何分割你的遗产?
  • What options do you have in terms of who you leave your possessions and money to?

Estate planning attorneys can even help you draft a will that has specific requirements for those who are going to be taking over your estate after you pass.

A great 房地产律师 is going to have the ability 帮助 you create a will that is going to be legal and binding. The people who are left behind are going to be able to follow this 帮助 make their job of dispersing your estate easier and less stressful overall.

Having an estate plan in place can help you take some of the stress off your family when you pass to give them time to focus on healing rather than fighting about what to do with your estate.

还有一件事 房地产律师 能做的就是创建一个合法且有约束力的吗 授权书. Your 授权书 is a very powerful thing. It can help ensure that you are going to be taken care of if you are ever medically incapacitated.

A 授权书 can help with things like arranging nursing home care, 确保你的账单被支付, 确保你的财务状况良好.

A 授权书 can also help you make any legal decisions that you might have, such as helping you sell your home if you wish to, 出售物业, and even paying off large debts if you are wanting to pay them.

要有委托书, it is always best to determine who you want to be your 授权书 before you become medically or cognitively unable to do so. Your 房地产律师 can also help with 监护 of your estate.

如果你无法管理你的遗产, 遗产规划 lawyers are going to be able to step in and take care of your estate for you. 当起草得当时, an estate 监护 is going to be able to do anything you might need them to do.

Your 遗产规划 lawyer is going to be able to do anything legal that pertains to your estate and manage it before and after you pass.


任何拥有不动产的人, 即使是很小的一个, can benefit greatly from an estate plan being in place at the time of their death or before. 我们已经谈到了遗嘱认证, but this is the biggest thing that your family is going to have to contend with after your death.

当你去世时没有留下遗嘱, it is legally required that the estate enter 遗嘱认证 for the period that is defined by your estate where you lived. Probate is a period in which nothing can be done to the estate and nothing can be done to any account associated with the individual that has passed.

这意味着如果你有一个银行账户, 一个家, 信用卡账户, 或者其他信贷额度, your family can call and notify the company that you have passed and they can stop the payments, but those accounts cannot be closed until the six months has passed.

Your family can do nothing with any part of your estate until the six months have passed or until they retain a 遗嘱认证 lawyer to break 遗嘱认证. A 遗嘱认证 lawyer can help to break 遗嘱认证 if there are no debts against the estate and it can be proven.

然而, 这既要花钱,又会让人恼火, and it is likely going to cause issues with the family as well and might even make it more difficult to divide the estate. Anyone, no matter the size or difficulty of their estate, can benefit from 遗产规划.

当你经过, there will be many legal hurdles that your family must pass to settle your estate and start to move on with their lives. 在房地产律师的帮助下, you can imagine yourself growing older without worry and fear about what will happen to your estate or family.

You can rest assured that both your family and your estate will be taken care of and that your family will not have to struggle to dispense your estate.

What Does an Attorney for Estate Planning Do After You Pass?

The first thing that an 房地产律师 will do after you pass is to get in touch with your family, 如果你有委托书,请bet9九州体育登录线路你的委托书, and help your family traverse those first few days after your passing.

你的家人可以去拜访他们, and they will help lay out the paperwork that they have worked with you on, 比如你的意志, your funeral arrangements if you have al准备好了 made them, and any other pertinent paperwork that will help with the settling of your estate.

They can also speak with others on your behalf and help ensure that the estate goes smoothly and does get settled without any trouble and with minimal effort on the part of your family. Your 房地产律师 will be able to do so much for you, both while you are alive and after you have passed.

They can help your family stop worrying about what they are going to do with your estate. And they will be able to move forward in getting your estate settled and making sure that they will not have to try and figure it out alone.

Though it might seem like a trivial thing since you are gone, making sure that those you loved are taken care of and that they are not going to have to struggle to take care of your estate goes a long way.

你会更加平静, 你不必担心, and 你可以让别人知道你的愿望 before you pass. 除了, having an estate plan in place makes it far simpler for your family to take care of the estate you worked so hard to build when you were alive, and it makes it easier for you to stop worrying at the end of your life.

任何人都可以从遗产规划中受益. Our 遗产规划 attorneys are here 帮助 you, and we want to get your estate plan in place and 准备好了 to go.

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